Shorewest Shares: How to Sell your Home in a Cold Market

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It’s the beginning of the winter months, and unless you love the cold weather, there’s a good chance that you don’t want to leave your home… let alone sell or buy a new one. However, it can be done and buyers that need to move are out searching. Here’s how you can sell your home in a cold market:

• Turn the weather into an advantage. Turn the snow into an attraction. Light your fireplace for showings, leave a cozy blanket over a chair and make some warm hot chocolate. Create a mudroom with boot racks to keep the snow and salt from invading your home. Keep all sidewalks and walk ways shoveled and salted. The goal is to make having a home in the winter appear easy to maintain.

• Improve the condition of your home. There is a huge difference between a home that “doesn’t need a thing” and a home that “needs work.” Although you can’t change the location of your home, you can improve the condition. This doesn’t have to be expensive — there are little things you can do to help maintain the condition of your home: replace a light bulb if it’s burnt out, clean your windows, and update fixtures.

• Is the price right? You can expect offers below your asking price, but homes that are priced fairly and are in good condition will be treated with more respect from buyers. Buyers will only pay current or pending market value. If you’re not sure how to price your home, your Shorewest Agent is the perfect resource.

• Keep negotiations pleasant. Negotiation is a fine art, and works only when both parties get what they want. If you feel your negotiations aren’t in good faith, stop responding. You’re under no obligation to respond to an unreasonable offer. Your Shorewest Agent will help you negotiate and respond on your behalf.

• Hire a Shorewest Agent. Your Shorewest Agent will give you an accurate overview of the market, help you with sales and staging strategies and bring offers from qualified buyers.


When you’re ready to start your home selling or buying process, contact a Shorewest Realtor today.


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