Shorewest Shares: Four Reasons to Sell Before Winter

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Fall is officially here and before you know it, the year will be over. If you’re thinking about selling your home soon, here are four important reasons to do it NOW versus the middle of winter.


  1. Demand is strong. According to the latest foot traffic numbers, there are more prospective buyers currently looking at homes than in the last 12 months. As we get later into the year, many people have other things to focus on (holidays, weather, etc.) that monopolize their time. Buyers in the market now want to celebrate the holidays in their new homes. Plus, they are ready, willing and able to buy — and are in the market now!


  1. There is less competition now. Homeowners are now seeing a return to positive equity as real estate values have increased over the past two years. As more inventory comes to the market, the more choices buyers will have.


  1. The process will be quicker. The biggest challenge of the housing market has been the length of time it takes from contract to closing. Since the financial crisis in 2008, banks now require more paperwork before approving a mortgage. As the holiday season approaches, so does delays. Getting your house sold before the winter season begins will cut down the delays.


  1. There will never be a better time to move-up. Prices are projected to appreciate over 19% from now to 2018. If you are moving to a higher priced home, it will cost you more if you wait.



When you’re ready to sell your home, contact a Shorewest Agent.



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