Organize Your Move with 5 Moving Tips

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Moving to a new home can be very hectic if you are not organized and decide to pack items at the last minute. Here are some tips to help make your move easier.

Create a Packing List: Type out or write down the items you are moving. Match your list to the letters or numbers you would like to coordinate the boxes to.

Personalize Moving Boxes: Coordinate each set of boxes with every person moving. For instance, use a certain color a tape for your boxes and then place your initials on the boxes. This will help you unload and unpack items.

Pre-Pack Items: Start placing your things into boxes that you will not be using one to two weeks before your move. This will help save time and headaches when you really start to box items.

Secure Important Documents and Valuable Items: Pack your important documents such as birth certificate, insurance information, etc. first. Move the documents yourself in case you need them during the move. Mark the documents and boxes with valuable items with “Miscellaneous,” “Pantry,” or something unattractive.

Use Your Luggage: You have to carry your bags around anyways, so why not pack them with items. This will also save boxes for other important things you would want to secure.

The more time you spend preparing your for your move, the less stress you will have after the fact.

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