No Matter What the Groundhog Predicts, Don’t Wait To Sell Your Home!

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Is spring closer than we think? It’s time to take advantage of the seller’s market and get your home listed before the busy spring season!

Many sellers feel that the spring is the best time to place their home on the market as buyer demand traditionally increases at that time of year. However, the time before spring hits also has its own advantages.

Here are five reasons to sell now. 

Demand is Strong

Foot traffic refers to the number of people out actually physically looking at homes right now. The latest foot traffic numbers show that buyers are still out in force looking for their dream home. These buyers are ready, willing and able to buy…and are in the market right now!

Take advantage of the strong buyer activity currently in the market.

There Is Less Competition Now

Housing supply is well under the 6 months’ supply that is needed for a normal housing market. This means, in many areas, there are not enough homes for sale to satisfy the number of buyers in that market. This is good news for home prices. However, additional inventory is about to come to market.

There is a pent-up desire for many homeowners to move, as they were unable to sell over the last few years because of a negative equity situation. Homeowners are now seeing a return to positive equity as real estate values have increased over the last three years. Many of these homes will be coming to the market in the near future.

Also, new construction of single-family homes is again beginning to increase. The choices buyers have will increase in the spring. Don’t wait until all this other inventory of homes comes to market before you sell.

The Process Will Be Quicker

One of the biggest challenges of the housing market has been the length of time it takes from contract to closing. There is less overall business done in the winter. Therefore, the process will be less onerous than it will be in the spring. Getting your house sold and closed before the spring delays begin will lend itself to a smoother transaction. Make sure to contact Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation for all of your mortgage needs!

There Will Never Be a Better Time to Move-Up

If you are moving up to a larger, more expensive home, consider doing it now. Prices are projected to appreciate over the next 12 months. If you are moving to a higher priced home, it will wind-up costing you more in raw dollars (both in down payment and mortgage payment) if you wait. You can also lock-in your 30-year housing expense with a low interest rate right now. Rates are projected to rise this year.

Shorewest REALTORS® Are Ready to GO!

REALTORS® at Shorewest are ready for you and your home to hit the market! Our agents are trained extensively and continue their education so they are prepared to help you every step of the way. Plus, they have access to the latest tools and technology and are backed by an amazing support team, helping find all the homes that meet your needs or qualified buyers for your current one!

Now is the time to sell your home. Moving is always a larger than life experience, make sure your family is taken care of with a Shorewest, REALTOR®. They help make the process go as smooth as possible which makes your adventure a positive one!

That is what is truly important.


Source Credit: Keeping Current Matters

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