Five Tips to Create a Luxe Bedroom on a Budget

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Facebook Share Image 5_03 smallerDo you want to create a luxurious oasis in your bedroom without breaking the bank? These five tips will help you create an indulgent, opulent space that you will be content to relax in.

The first tip in our luxe bedroom series is to add a large mirror to your bedroom. This can add visual space in a small room.

The second tip is to layer your lighting. Choose a mixture of floor, table lights and lamps to create a luxurious, layered look.

The third tip is to upgrade your headboard. Create or buy an upholstered headboard that will transform your bed from average to the epitome of luxury.

The fourth tip is to layer your bedding. Don’t be so matchy matchy and don’t be afraid to buy better linens. With sheets, duvets, blankets or quilts and pillows, your bed is sure to look heavenly.

Our fifth and final tip is to paint your ceiling. By using high-gloss paint, it will reflect more light into the room creating depth and a focal point.

By adding even a few of these tips to your room’s aesthetic, you will have created your own peaceful haven to retire to and have money leftover in your pocket! Head to our blog on to find more design tips!

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