9 Things to Pack Carefully – Most Likely To Get Broken During a Move

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One of the many details to consider during a move is how to pack, and it’s something that often gets rushed. We’ve brought you a list of things most likely to get broken during a move so you can be sure to provide extra care for these objects.

  1. Electronics — Computers, TVs and other electronic goods are some of the most likely victims from moving. Because of their sensitive and delicate components, even the smallest piece out of place can cause the entire piece to stop working. A tip — save the original boxes and packaging materials until you’re ready to move. Simply box all electronics up as they came and each piece will be better protected throughout the moving process.
  2. Your Back — Physical injuries top this list, including back pain, pulled muscles and broken bones. Moving heavy or oversized objects without the right equipment or manpower can lead to accidents, especially when moving items up stairs or repeatedly lifting the same objects. The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute states on its website that you should always face forward when moving furniture, use a cart for larger pieces, and go over the moving route in advance to avoid surprises.
  3. Tables — Tables and table legs, as well as other odd-shaped items, can be bulky and inconvenient for moving through a new space. Marble topped tables can be particularly difficult, considering that marble is fairly fragile, but its weight will bring a lot of force down towards anything it may lands on.
  4. Mirrors — Most people don’t realize how much padding is needed for adequately securing a mirror. Avoid seven years of bad luck by using pillows to cushion mirrors and other fragile items.
  5. The House — Property damage caused by pushing and pulling across floors, as well as being inattentive to door jambs and walls, can harm both the house you are leaving and the new home you’re moving into. One option is to hire experienced movers who are careful to watch for these various obstacles.
  6. Glassware and China — Extremely fragile and some of the most often broken during a move are glassware, China and dishes should be given special consideration while packing. Often, people don’t put enough padding in between or around pieces once in the boxes. Be sure to pack these pieces with extra care before a move.
  7. Framed Artwork — Pierced canvases, broken frames and smudged paint are among the variety of damages that can occur during a move. The more expensive a frame, the more ornate and delicate it can be, making it easy to crack. Beware of packing paintings near anything with a sharp edge to avoid a torn canvas.
  8. Alcohol — Bottles of wine or handles of liquor are often dropped during a move, ruining both the alcohol and anything around it that could soak up the liquid. Hot weather can also damage alcohol in a different way, especially for bottles of wine. Temperature changes, especially being boxed up for days at a time, can ruin an entire case.
  9. Washer and Dryer — Washers and dryers, along with other heavy appliances, can be broken during a move. Especially likely are front-loading washers, who have a spinning drum that must be suspended properly throughout the move or there could be damage.  Utilize a manufacturer’s shipping kit to decrease chances of damage.

This list can help you become aware of what items to watch out for — including your new home and your own body! By following the tips above, you can ensure a less stressful move that keeps all of your breakables in one piece.

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